ISTH Announces Official ISTH 2021 Virtual Congress Twitter Ambassadors

ISTH Announces Official ISTH 2021 Virtual Congress Twitter Ambassadors

The ISTH announced its official Twitter Ambassadors for the ISTH 2021 Virtual Congress. These esteemed scientific communicators will be tweeting throughout the Congress, highlighting the science presented from July 17-21. These members of the ISTH community are influential communicators in their field, and represent a wide array of scientific perspectives on the most important topics in thrombosis and hemostasis. You can learn more about the ISTH 2021 scientific themes at

For more information about the virtual congress go to, follow the ISTH on twitter at @isth and follow the Twitter conversation at #ISTH2021.

See the list of Ambassadors, as well as their twitter handles and areas of scientific expertise, below:

Arterial Thromboembolism

·         Geoff Barnes, @gbarnesmd

Coagulation and Natural Anticoagulants

·         Mettine Bos, @MettineBos

Shekhar Kumar, @kumarshekhar

Shravan Morla, @shravanmorla

COVID and Coagulation
·         Frederik Denorme, @frederikdenorme

Pedro Las Casas, @pedrohlascasas

Diagnostic and OMICs
·         Juliana Perez Botero, @JuliPerezBot

Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis
·         Valerie Tutwiler, @ValTutwiler

Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders
·         Glaivy Batsuli, @CoagScientist

Matthew Cormier, @_matthewcormier

Bhavya Doshi, @doshib25

Hemostatic System in Cancer, Inflammation and Immunity
·         Alok Khorana, @aakonc

Mandy Lauw, @MandyNLauw

Erica Sparkenbaugh, @sparkenbaughlab

·         Ben Samelson Jones, @DrSamelsonJones

Platelet Disorders and Von Willebrand Disease
·         Nathan Connell, @NTConnel

Joshua Muia, @joshuamuia

Platelets and Megakaryocytes
·         Shane Comer, @shane_comer1

Timothy Stalker, @Timothy_Stalker

Kirk Taylor, @dr_ktaylor

Dianne van der Wal, @dianvanderwaldr

Vascular Biology
·         Alec Schmaier, @ASchmaier

Venous Thromboembolism
·         Lana Castellucci, @lanacastellucci

Fionnuala Nì Àinle, @fniainle

Women’s Health
·         Maha Othman, @mahaothman8

Angela Weyand, @acweyand

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